Quartz pseudomorphosis after Calcite Location Nashik Quarry, Maharashtra, INDIA


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Very interesting Quartz pseudomorphosis after hollow Calcite. The main crystallization has kept inside, small Calcite crystals visible through an opening. A backlight makes them easier to see even if they are visible without.

Location: Nashik Quarry, Maharashtra, INDIA

Dimensions : HT 8.5 X W 5.5 X D 4 cm

PRICE : 75 €

A Pseudomorphosis is the change of a mineral in the course of crystallization. Here, crystals of Calcite were initially formed, then a change (chemical, pressure, element) having taken place in the « pocket », Silica took over and in its turn of Quartz came to crystallize. However, the Calcite crystallisation has retained its appearance, but it is now Quartz.

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Dimensions 5,5 × 4 × 8,5 cm

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