Améthyste Scepter – Brandberg, Goboboseb Moutains, NAMIBIE


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The absolute favourite for this Amethyst Sceptre by Brandberg ! Of irreproachable quality, Amethyst Growth Phantom, Windows, Colour of the most intense and brilliant purple, this splendid specimen deserves a place in a beautiful showcase.

This piece comes from a collection of choice, whose former owner had to part with reluctance and one can easily understand why !

Here we are in the TOP Brandberg !!

Each pièce is presented photographed from many different angles to give you maximum details. Feel free to contact me to get the google image link correspondant. It’s also more fun like that can we discuss some stones if you wish, it will remind us of the physical exhibitions !!! See you soon !!

LOCATION : Brandberg, Goboboseb Moutains, NAMIBIE

SIZES : HT 5,8 X L 2,8 X P 2,3 cm

WEIGHT : 58 GR (with base)

Amethyst is a Silicate, a variety of Quartz, whose more or less intense purple color is due to the presence of iron. Its crystalline system is trigonal.

Additional information

Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 5,8 × 2,8 × 2,3 cm

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